energy juice

Energy Juice

I’m running a little behind on my morning schedule because I promised myself I’d make a new juice and then it was soooo good that I just had to share it so here I am, prioritizing raw food over work, again  :)

This ‘energy juice’ was a suggestion from Sandra in Tallahassee, Florida during my (somewhat unsuccessful) juicy week last week. However I did plan to generally drink more juice and I am, and I love it.

I also love when you wonderful people pass on your favorite recipes… sharing is so much fun!

Ingredient (1 serve)

1 beet root
4 carrots
3 oranges, peeled/seeded
6 apples, corded
hand full of parsley, cut off stems – I just realized I forgot the parsley and I have two huge bunches in the fridge, ooops :(
4 large strawberries

Instructions (direct from Sandra)

Stir down any foam, makes almost two liters, stores up to 1 week

As you drink, little hints of strawberries sneak in on top of the beet and parsley catches you at the oddest moments.

… and as suggested by Better Raw this morning in a very inspiring blog – which I suggest you read – I drank it out of my favorite wine glass. What a wonderful start to my day.


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