spinach and mushroom dip

Spinach and Mushroom Dip

Yesterday we had some friends over for to watch the football.  It was supposed to be so low key that we were ordering Indian takeout from the great place down the street, but I can’t help myself – I need to have food on the table when people arrive.  As per usual, I probably made too much, but better for them to be ohhing and ahhing over my food than takeout, right?!

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I heart zimt artisan chocolates

Zimt Chocolate

Just like I don’t like to get into the animal rights-politics of a plant-based diet, I get nervous about “The Holidays”.  There just seems to be no winning, however you position it.  So while I have just bought a load of  Zimt Artisan Chocolates to fill up stockings, it really makes a great gift for any event, any time of year… and even better, it makes a fabulous self-indulgence.  It just also happens that Emma, as founder of this wonderful gem of a company, offered me a trial of her raw vegan organic goodies at this time of the year.  So you can interpret this little plug* however you like : )

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I still love you…!


I so desperately want to have time in the kitchen to create again, and write blogs.  Graduate school and full time work is killing me but I have a month off school as of tomorrow so bring on the silly season!!  In the meantime, I’m sharing a picture from my sunset walk around my local pond on Tuesday, no filters – the colors were absolutely amazing. Moving, even (especially?) in the winter, is so important for the body, mind, and soul.  Don’t stay wrapped up inside if you don’t have to!

Hope all you crazies are out there living it up, eating it up, and creating your fun and happy.



warm banana chocolate milk

Banana Chocolate Milk

Today was a very long Saturday indeed. School work for my MBA capstone project and house cleaning – pah! Then I got to thinking about all the things in my cupboard that I should be using… mainly chocolate, and I had made some almond milk last night for bananas foster so thought a warm drink would help me wind down. And it did! Except I’m back on my laptop writing this – the curse of blogging while you’re inspired ; )

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citrus rainbow juice

Citrus Rainbow Juice

Morning of day 1 of my October juice fast! Yes, it’s September 30 here in the US but I couldn’t wait; the online juice fast community is based out of Bali so given time differences it’s nice to start with them, and it’s Monday so is a good way to start the week.

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breakfast strata

Breakfast Strada_4

Labor Day brunch and a true labor of love worth every minute. Super-seasoned scrambled tofu, cashew crema, spinach, mushrooms, red peppers was simply a magical combination.

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green blueberry juice

Green Blueberry Juice 1

Another juice to start the week! I promise to post a food recipe this week but I really had such a great time on the juice fast (and had to make so many juices) that I have to share : ) This one was for my boyfriend, who just did his first two days of juicing… and liked it!

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ginger syrup kombucha

Ginger Syrup Kombucha

This will be my first non-juice / juice fast-related blog in almost two weeks, is anyone else as excited as I am?!? And as upset as I was to finish my fast I realized after two days of moping that it really is an opportunity, an opportunity for kombucha – woop woop!

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grapples juice

Grape + Apple Juice

My boyfriend is on the juice fast wagon!! And I’m back on it too… that’s a longer story for another post though.  We started his day 1 this morning (my day 11) as he has five days before he travels for work again so is going to see how he finds it.

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green energizer juice

Green Energizer Juice

On day 6 when I realized I needed more vegetables than fruit to boost my alkalinity I got online and bought Drew Canole’s book Juice Recipes from Fitlife. If you haven’t checked out Drew’s work, I suggest you to – he’s huge in the juicing space and making a world of difference to a lot of people through his support of fasting.

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juice fast journal: day 7

Day 7_Vitamin D

I made it!! This is the last day of my seven day, Tyler Tolman online juice fast – I can’t really believe it! Firstly, I need to send out a huge thank you to the 1,100-odd members of the Facebook community that provided overwhelming support to me and each other; simply amazing conversations and a wonderful open forum for all things, happy, bad, sad, and joyous about juice fasting and detoxing.

And much love and respect to Tyler, his amazing wife Rachelle and their stellar team for being online what felt like 24-7 to provide expert guidance. I can’t wait to do one a live session in Bali!!

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pineapple-grapefruit juice

Pineapple Grapefruit Juice

This juice was a bit of an evolutionary process. I had a grapefruit I needed to use and was running low on fresh produce so I started adding in things a little randomly. I had added all the ingredients below except the pineapple and was very short of the 1 liter I need for my morning juice fast juice. It was also very grapefruity!

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