chocolate superfood smoothie

Chocolate Superfood Smoothie

It appears that I can’t get enough of creating new smoothie concoctions lately! Or, I am simply substituting too many meals with these things ; ) Oh well, there are definitely worse things, right??

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green nectarine smoothie

Nectarine + Grape Smoothie

Yesterday it took me 20oz to decide that I actually liked my smoothie concoction! Today I thought I’d share the details incase you ever find yourself, as I did, with this very ripe, random mix of ingredients. I typically like my green smoothies to have a thick, creamy consistency so this one looked a little thin at first but it’s still yummy, and  although it looks like grass and kinda smells like grass, it tastes like nectarines…

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avocado & crackers

Avocado Crackers

Every time I make avocado on crackers I think about posting a blog on it, then convince myself it’s so simple that it’s not worth the effort.  But I think the time has come to share it anyway as I know it’s always good to have easy inspiration on hand.

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confessions, surgery, and bike commuting

Hardware Removal 2

I started this little discussion on ‘moving’ about six weeks ago and the blog posts have been few and far between – my apologies. Then, by post #3, I realized I have confessions. Already. Blimey!!

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banana matcha smoothie

Banana Matcha Smoothie

I’m having a little love affair with Matcha tea at the moment! It takes some getting used to but I definitely think it’s worth the effort (check out this article by Sleep Warrior for the down-low on the magic of Matcha). In an exchange on Facebook, Rabiah shared a smoothie recipe with me that I just had to try… and once I did, I just had to share as it’s so yummy.

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blog awards & things you (wish you) didn’t know about me

I must admit I’m new to this viral blogging award business. As a child, I could never understand chain letters (the ones that used to come on the back of real-life postcards with written words if you remember?) but having received two nominations in as many weeks I wanted to get my head around the same concept online and thank my lovely nominators for thinking of me, and provide a shout-out to some of my favorite bloggers as per the rules of the game.

I’m covering two in one go, hope that’s ok?!

Bouquet of Three

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spinach vegetable pilaf

Spinach Vegetable Pilaf

Yum! I just made a delicious omnivore-approved, vegan, gluten-free spinach and vegetable pilaf for dinner – took a little longer than expected but totally worth the wait, and you can easily put it on to cook and leave it mostly unattended. To be honest, I haven’t cooked much at all lately so was inspired by a dish my cousin made when she visited last year, a few months after I broke my ankle and also hadn’t cooked for a while… brought back wonderful memories of family time.

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green goo protein smoothie

Green Goo Smoothie

I just got back from a morning run – yay! It really is a great way to start the day… who would have thought?! Anyways, a little while back, I bought Brendan Brazier’s Vega Sport Chocolate Protein (like I actually was going to become some kind of iron woman that required extra protein, but that’s a whole other story). I tried it for the first time yesterday in a smoothie concoction I didn’t really enjoy much at all. Then this morning I stumbled across a strange gooey concoction that is actually quite yummy, if not a wee bit scary-looking…!

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blueberry-cardamom chia seed pudding

Blueberry-Cardamom Chia Pots

I first fell in love with the blueberry-cardamom combination when I found Sweetly Raw’s recipe for Blueberry Cardamom Cake a few years back. Then, two weeks ago I had a punnet of blueberries in the fridge and thought the combination would be yummy as a chia seed pudding but round one of experimentation didn’t go so well, cardamom is a tricky beast.

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make it pink smoothie

Wholefood Simply - Make it Pink

I wish I could come up with great new smoothies every day, but typically they’re just a variation on a theme – bananas, berries, leafy greens, seeds (chia or flax)… you get the picture. This is why I love the internet – I can tap into people that are far more ingenious than myself! This ‘Make it Pink’ smoothie from Wholefood Simply is my new go-to smoothie and it’s so much more exciting than anything I could come up with, and totally delish!

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berry chia smoothie

Berry Chia Smoothie

I have so many things I want to blog about this week… running, cycling… new shoes, squatty potties… but I’m swamped with school work and exercise so struggling for time. I’m actually multi-tasking right now and listening to a negotiation video case study for school as I type this but I want to share this recipe because I really enjoyed it this morning!

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she wants to move ♫

Today is a good day to start

Entirely by accident, it seems I have a theme song. Today was my first solo run since I joined a running club two weeks ago… it’s a dreary, rainy Saturday morning, I had two sneaky gin & tonics with the girls last night, and at 6:30am my body wakes up and says “let’s go for a run”.

This is not normal for me. I’m not a wake-up-and-go-for-a-run kinda girl; or at least I haven’t been, even when I try to be.

So I went for a run and came home feeling great. Then, as I was stretching, “She Wants to Move” by N.E.R.D started playing on my iPod. I don’t think my ass is a spaceship but the refrain captures my intention so I’m going with it – I do want to move, and I want others to move. Hence my foray into exercise blogging. Read More