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raw vegan meal plan #2

Meal Plan #2

Oh my goodness! I had the best of intentions of doing regular meal plans back in April 2011. After one attempt, it seems I ran out of steam. And here I go again in light of my 2012 raw resolutions…!

The challenge last time was to try new recipes. This time I feel it’s necessary to revisit a few old favorites to get back into the swing of the high raw thing, and gradually add in new recipes. Would love your feedback on how useful this is to share with you all, or any suggestions you may have.

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raw vegan meal plan #1

20120624 First Shop

The numero uno rule for being a successful, happy, stress-free raw vegan is to BE PREPARED!! Have food at the ready AT ALL TIMES. While I know this to be true, I do tend to prepare food in fits and starts. This week, not unlike a few other weeks I recall over the last 12 months, I decided that I need to be more organized… that I am going to be more organized. And I’m hoping that making a public declaration about my intentions will keep me on track!

Tonight I pulled out all my recipe books and raided the internet for inspiration for my first ever meal plan… The criteria:

  • All recipes had to be something I haven’t made before
  • Ingredients had to be somewhat transferable between recipes so stuff doesn’t go to waste
  • I needed to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner for five days
  • I had to have a green smoothie every day (and maybe some snacks)

… no more living on Pure Bars for me!

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