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baked ratatouille

Baked Ratatouille

I’m in love with Joseph Shuldiner’s new recipe book Pure Vegan. It’s beautifully presented (yes, I’m a sucker for sexy photos of food), and it’s all VEGAN and mostly whole-foods / plant-based, and by this I mean that not all the recipes depend on soy-based products, be it tofu or fake butter/mayo.

I made his Muhammara spread (which is high raw) for the AFC Championship football game here in the US but it went so quickly I didn’t have a chance for photos… it took the edge off a Patriots loss, but that’s another story for a different kind of blog… anyways, I digress…

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creamy mushroom and leek pasta

Creamy Mushroom and Leek Pasta

It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes I get a nasty craving for something creamy… and attending to this craving vegan-style has been easier than I ever would have thought! This dish is cooked, but if you want something raw, check out my chili rose pasta sauce

I first messed around with this concoction in December and loved it (and my photo got a few likes on Facebook) so I thought I’d try again for real tonight – yes I’m easily encouraged ;)

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spanish lentils and mushroom stew

Spanish Lentil and Mushroom Stew

It wasn’t my intention to do two blogs in one day, but you have to strike while inspiration is hot, right?!

My goal  for 2013 is to try a new recipe every week, and given it’s Sunday of the first week, I had to get my A into G…

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moroccan quinoa pilaf

Moroccan Quinoa Pilaf

Today was shopping day and organic berries and stone fruits are out in force, so we spent most of the afternoon eating the delicious selection of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries,  grapes, apricots, and nectarines I so naughtily washed and placed on the counter. As a result, we weren’t really hungry but I knew that we would be hungry later if I didn’t make something more substantial so I set out on a mission… criteria included:

  • Something new
  • Something light
  • Something that would use my beautiful farmer’s market baby tomatoes and baby bok choy

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banana (gr)oatmeal

Banana Groatmeal

I need some time to think about what to write about my Beauty Detox experience as I want to rant and rave about how much I’m not enjoying it but feel like, on day 2, I’m not far enough in to make a valid judgement. That being said, I did create a new breakfast recipe yesterday morning by accident that I thought I’d share because I actually really liked it and it’s sooo simple – woop woop!! It’s been sooo long since a new recipe has graced these pages…

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hearty lentil soup

Hearty Lentil Soup

Today I played gardener, handy(wo)man, cleaner, laundry-lady, interior (re)decorator, and yogi. Come 6:30pm however, I just didn’t have the energy to add grocery-shopper or gourmet chef to that list!

I didn’t eat much all day – about 8 bananas, a dozen medjool dates, and a load of water, so definitely had an appetite after yoga. I also felt like something warm, so for those pure raw foodies out there, this one is cooked; and for those of you who don’t eat legumes (which is usually me, btw!), this has lentils. But for those who are eating low-fat and/or whole-food, plant-based (wfpb) vegan, this is totally yummy!

I am reserving the right to come back and comment on how the digestive system takes to the lentils though… I’m a little nervous :)

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farm fresh tomato soup, no cans allowed

Tomato Soup

It is a miserable afternoon in Boston… raining and cold and supposedly snowing later on. There are Halloween parties I’m supposed to dress up for, then there’s what I want to do, which is to stay at home writing my MBA application essays and watching movies and eating soup. Tomato soup.
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butternut squash and red potato bisque

Roasted Butternut Squash and Red Potato Bisque

This was an unexpectedly spectacular outcome of a big cooked vegan experiment last night in an effort  to use up some of the vegetables I got from my Marshall’s Fenway Farm Stand CSA in the last week or so. It was also the result of a little competition I was having with my mother that she has no idea I was conducting…! Continue reading

whole foods plant-based diet good, but not as good as raw…

I haven’t been a very good raw foodie since I saw Forks over Knives the weekend before last… A combination of feeling good about the health benefits of a whole food plant based diet and the eight straight days of Boston rain resulted in me being quite happy to return to a (largely) cooked vegan diet. I didn’t feel guilty about it, which used to happen when I ‘indulged’ in cooked food, but interestingly, it has left me feeling uninspired. I thought I going to ‘rediscover’ the joys of cous cous and stir-frys and steaming hot vegetables in all kinds of delish tomato sauces…

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raw vegan vs. whole food plant based diets

I finally saw Forks Over Knives this afternoon and it was as good as I expected it / wanted it to be! It provides a good balance of scientific research and clinical evidence, statistics and human experience, fact and practical advice that illustrate the benefits of a whole foods plant-based (WFPB) diet. I don’t want to give a complete synopsis as it has been reviewed to death, as has it’s source book, The China Study, but needless to say I’m feeling extra good about the health benefits of my high-raw vegan diet right now, particularly in the wake of my aunt recently being diagnosed breast cancer and this bringing cancer one generation closer to yours truly… more to follow on this.

“Forks Over Knives examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.” They discuss the linkages between the animal protein casein and the development of cancer cells (and the surprisingly small percentage of cancer that is actually hereditary – most is environmental); the impact of animal-based foods on heart disease (and impotence, men!); and show that changing to a WFPB diet actually reverses many diseases and ailments including diabetes, heart disease and obesity while improving energy levels, mood and overall well being.

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